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3 Great Things About Fabric Remnants

Posted by Toto Fabrics on

Here at Toto Fabrics, we’re one of the largest fabric suppliers online. And where we stand out more than any other place is in the sheer amount of fabric remnants we have (not to mention the amount of sheer fabric remnants we have!). What makes fabric remnants so appealing to so many people?

You’ve got variety like never before: Because we keep so many fabric remnants instead of pitching them, we’ve got a larger selection than nearly any wholesale fabric supplier. Looking at fabric remnants is like looking into the past. Most of the time it’s not looking that far into the past, though, so many of the discount upholstery fabrics we have are fabric remnants that might be just a year old...certainly new enough if you want to save some money. Speaking of which...

You’ll get a great price: At Toto Fabrics, we already have most fabrics at 75% off MSRP. What you might not realize is that you can get that good a deal (or better) when you pick some of our fabric remnant cloth. You want it, we want to move it along. In fact, we hope you’ll take it all. So...

You’d better act fast: Many of the fabrics we have are still being made. But when you find the perfect fabric remnants you want for a project, don’t delay...because once they’re gone, they’re gone, and finding it again might take a lifetime. When you find one you love, just drop the whole thing in your cart, because otherwise you’ll never see it again.

Fabric remnants are one of those specialties that not all online fabric stores want to deal with. But we’re more than happy to offer you an incredible selection here at Toto. Find our remnants here and find the perfect cloth for you.



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