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Three Ways To Use Outdoor Upholstery Fabric In New Ways

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Whenever people hear the words “outdoor upholstery furniture” most of them think of your standard wicker base and the cushions that go on them. They’re usually ones you bring inside so that they aren’t subject to the snow and ice all winter when you can’t use them (at least that’s what we do here in the midwest!)

But upholstery fabric isn’t just for those few cushions. Here are a few ideas for outdoor upholstery furniture that you might not have thought of:

Patio Umbrellas: Patio umbrellas will give out over time, mostly because they’re exposed to so many UV rays from the sun. After they become weak, all it takes is one big gust of wind when it’s open for it to tear and become useless. When that happens you’re in luck, because now you get to pick your new fabric! Sounds like a good winter project to us!

Pillows: Most outdoor furniture is just so-so when it comes to comfort, and most sets from the store don’t come with comfortable pillows. Make your furniture something you can’t wait to get home to by adding a bunch of comfy pillows!

Bring it indoors: Outdoor upholstery fabric indoors? What, are we crazy? Well, if you have a four season porch, outdoor fabric is a great transition between the inside and the outside. It can take the cold better and can also be moved outdoors quickly if you need additional seating.

Outdoor upholstery fabric certainly has its uses beyond the obvious ones. Find the best from Toto Fabrics right here!



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