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Top 3 Things People Do With Our Fabric Remnants

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We’ve mentioned before and it’s probably not the last time you’ll hear it...we have a lot of fabric remnants. Maybe more than any other fabric store online. So we have a lot of people stopping by to take a look at the great deals we have on fabric remnants that will probably never be seen again.

While some of us buy fabric just because we like the pattern and have little idea what we’ll ever do with it (guilty!), here are the top three projects people undertake with our fabric remnants.

Quilting - Quilting is one of the most common things people do with our discount fabric. Have enough scraps, free fabric samples, and fabric remnants lying about and you’ll eventually make a quilt! While many of these remnants might not cover a couch, they are perfect for quilting.

Pillows: The great thing about pillows is that they don’t require much fabric, and the fabric they do require doesn’t have to match the fabric of the of the piece of furniture you’ll be putting them on. Well, perhaps they should match stylistically, but they can be of a completely different material, color, and pattern to add that “pop” to the room.

Baby Blanket: When you have fabric remnants, you might not have enough for a king-size bed. Or queen, or double, or single. But if you see a beautiful piece of remnant that a baby would love to feel against his or her skin, why not make it into a baby blanket?

Of course there are thousands of other projects you can do with fabric remnants, and maybe someday we’ll offer up some suggestions. Take a look at our fabric remnants and start your next project!


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  • I have a friend that takes my left over fabric and makes totes. Everyone loves them because the fabric is so nice.

    Loni Bright on

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